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After being an avid boyhood collector (Peoria, Ill., and Santa Monica, Calif.) Kit went to Carleton College in Minnesota and received his degree in 1968. After a year or two of playing beach bum, and then rock band guru, he entered the "straight world" of banking (joining the family banking business in Vancouver, Washington) eventually becoming a vice-president in commercial banking. But in his late 20s he took a plunge into the "baseball card business," becoming one of the country’s first full-time dealers. This was in the days before early price guides even existed and the major source of cards was "The Road." He would travel the countryside, buying out of hotel rooms in over 40 different cities, including Providence, Honolulu, Des Moines, Seattle, Miami, Cleveland, San Antonio, and many points in between. It was an exciting era, with many "attic finds" and "discoveries." Sometime during that period he recognized that selling cards at major shows (Philadelphia, Kansas City, Brooklyn, St. Louis, Los Angeles, etc.) wasn’t going to pay the bills. Thus came the creation of our first catalogues, nearly 40 years ago. With good fortune and with the kind support of many of you, we have grown ever since, now processing over 25,000 orders a year. Other changes have come: Our original part-time high school sophomore (age 15 then,) Scott Cowan, is now our General Manager and an old married man over 50. Another member of our management team, Nacho Arredondo, is our Chief Financial Officer, who joined us after serving as General Manager of another sports memorabilia company for 15 years. Finally our Marketing Manager Bob Ivanjack has been with our company since 1991. Today we have likely the nation’s strongest vintage card staff in the country, with experts in pre-1970 sportscards and assorted memorabilia. We have received national recognition, being featured in dozens of articles including those in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, The Sporting News, Sport Magazine, Parade, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and dozens of newspaper and television features including the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. Kit has also received industry plaudits, including the 1990 Buck Barker Award for his industry contributions, and the SCAI Presidents Award for his efforts (plus the award was re-named the Kit Young Award in recognition of him). Additionally, he has been listed as one of the industry’s most influential/powerful people by Sports Card Trader Magazine and USA Today, plus Tuff Stuff calls him the "person who most in the industry feel has been the industry’s unofficial leader for the past five years." Lastly, from the popular book series, "Collectibles for Dummies" call Kit the "hobby’s leading guru." We greatly appreciate this kind recognition by our peers and the rest of the industry. Similarly, we hope that our personnel, service and overall quality live up to these high standards.

Remember our 40+-Year guarantee: If you ever receive any products that are unsatisfactory, we will always correct the error (or refund the money if you prefer.)