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Why Buy From Kit Young?

1) EXPERIENCE: Kit is a pioneer in the industry, having started his full-time catalogue business before price guides even existed – 40+ years total.

2) INTEGRITY: We have won the Krause Publications Award for "Exceptional Service" 19 straight years - the most of any dealer in the USA.

3) NATIONAL RECOGNITION: We have received national recognition, being featured in hundreds of articles including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, The Sporting News, Parade, Washington Post, N.Y. Times, U.S. News & World Report, G.Q., and dozens of newspaper and television features, including the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw.

4) PROFESSIONALISM: We helped found this industry’s first trade association (SCAI). Kit was elected to the Board of Directors for three years, by vote of dealers throughout the country.

5) KNOWLEDGE: Kit is a consultant to various price guides, including Beckett’s Sports Americana Guides, Sportscards Magazine, Tuff Stuff, and Baseball Card Magazine.

6) STAFF: We may be the only sportscard catalogue business in the country that combines trade experience (20+ years each or more for our general manager, marketing manager and operations manager) with diverse educational backgrounds (including majors in economics and political science).

7) INVENTORY: Our sports collectibles inventory is likely the country’s largest and most extensive. While we specialize in baseball we carry cards, memorabilia and collectibles from virtually every sport.

8) INDUSTRY RECOGNITION: Kit has received awards for "outstanding contributions to the industry and hobby 1) At the 1990 National Convention and 2) in 1993 at the SCAI Annual Conference. Tuff Stuff calls him "the industry’s unofficial leader for the past five years." He’s also listed as one of the industry’s most influential/impact persons in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, and 1996 by USA Today and Sports Card Trader, and is the highest rated dealer in the country.

9) SERVICE: We provide exceptional service, with virtually all orders being shipped within 1-4 days of receipt. Unlike other dealers, we do not have a retail store, so all our efforts are geared towards mail order. Plus our best inventory is sold in the mail, not to store customers.

10) REPUTATION: Ask your friends or other dealers - We are known for our professionalism and integrity.

OUR GUARANTEE: All cards and collectibles are subject to your approval. If something isn’t right, or we make a mistake, we’ll correct it! We’ve stood behind this guarantee for 40+ years. FINAL NOTE: Every dealer in the country has his own guidelines for grading. We feel ours are among the MOST CONSERVATIVE IN THE COUNTRY. Please read our grading guidelines carefully — our idea of cards graded "EX-MT" or "EXCELLENT" is considerably more conservative than Beckett Monthly, Sports Collectors Digest, and other reputable publications.